Legal case management software for civil litigation attorneys allows the attorneys to manage their practice and make more money.

It automates the process of creating court documents and letters, enabling lawyers and their staff to prepare documents quickly, accurately and efficiently.

Some of the top software for civil litigation includes:


This software keeps all of your pleadings, discovery and correspondence in one place with the ability to perform searches on every item in the matter.

With calendar and workflow features that keep you informed of every court date, due dates for motions, interrogatories and responses, missing a step will be a distant memory.

Also, with automatic time and activity tracking built in, get paid for all of the work you do and know the profitability of each matter.

Practice Panther

Using its Client Portal, clients are able to login, view their invoices, and always be able to stay up to date with how much they owe, as well as view any tasks or documents their attorneys requested them to review.

The software also allows potential clients to sign up free of charge and try the the software for an entire week.


This is a scalable and customizable software which can adjust according to your workflow by offering end-to-end functionality.

Whether you’re in court, at home, or at your client’s office you can access all of your law firm data at any time.

It features time tracking, Customer Relationship Management, invoice and billing, accounting, case management, calendar, and is simple to use.

Korbitec ACL

ACL (Automated Civil Litigation) is easy to use and always up to date with the latest rule changes and court forms.

With ACL, you can eliminate repetitive data entry and copy and paste, and produce error-free, professional, consistently-styled documents according to your firm’s specifications.

All client, opposing party and court information is entered all at once in the ACL.